Map of 1834

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In ongoing attempts to reassert Oyo independence, Alafin Oluewu found support in factions of Bariba from Borgu, who had also “suffered invasions by forces from Gwandu.” The Bariba allies included contingents from Kaiama, Nikki, Wawa and Bussa; and together they “crushed the opposition” at the capital city of Oyo. In the aftermath, the Oyo and Bariba alliance recaptured the towns of Saki, Igbodo, Iganna, Iseyin and Otefan. Abeokuta attacked Ijebu encamped at Mokoloki, Igbein and Kemta, while Dahomey attacked a place called “Adodiza,” which might refer to Ado on the Yewa River.

In this year, ten slave ships departed, five for Cuba, one each for Brazil and the United States; and three were taken to Sierra Leone. Documented departures totaled 4,144 people, while the estimates for unspecified locations surged to over 13,000 people.

For citations see: Henry B. Lovejoy, "Mapping Uncertainty: The Collapse of Oyo and the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, 1816-1836," Journal of Global Slavery 4, 2 (2019): 127-161. (Open source access).

Documented Slave Voyages in 1834

Voyage ID Name Departure Arrival Individuals
1332 Musca (1834) Ouidah Brazil 255
3285 Teresa (1834) Ouidah Brazil 490
1307 Rosa (1834) Ouidah Cuba 293
1320 Francisca (1834) Lagos Cuba 284
1323 Três Manoelas (1834) Lagos Cuba 500
1339 Reparateur (1834) Ouidah Cuba 617
1362 Llobregat (1834) Lagos Cuba 411
2440 Carolina (1834) Lagos Sierra Leone 350
2444 Tâmega (1834) Lagos Sierra Leone 444
3047 Atrevido (1834) Ouidah Sierra Leone 500

*Ship totals with the same number based on imputted data. See Voyages: The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database (