Project Director

Henry B. Lovejoy, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Boulder

Development Team

Vachan Daffedar Aswathanarayana, Computer Science, University of Colorado Boulder 

Ben Brumfiled, Brumfield Labs

Sara Brumfield, Brumfield Labs

Kartikay Chadha, Walk With Web

Zachary Mullens, Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado Boulder 

Megan Tocci, Department of History, University of Colorado Boulder 

Eric Vance, Director of the Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis, University of Colorado Boulder

Ashton Wiens, Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado Boulder 


Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

The Center to Advance Research and Teaching in the Social Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder

Special thanks for consultations at The Map and Data Library, University of Toronto (2015-2016); and members of the Department of Geography, University of Colorado Boulder (2019-2020)